The Giurgola brand was born at the end of the 70’s and in forty years of activity it has been able to diversify its product range, embracing different branches of expertise. Up to 10 years ago, production was concentrated on containers for the collection and storage of food fluids and hydrocarbons in galvanised iron and stainless steel. Starting in 2004, a new production line for the production of polyethylene containers was added to the existing ones. Subsequently, thanks to the experience gained in recent years in the new production systems, the company, sensing the extreme versatility of polyethylene, begins to produce new products that leave ample room for creativity. The Kloris brand is born. The material takes shape and reinvents itself in refined furnishing accessories, both classic and contemporary. All our products are characterized by the extreme attention to the processing phases and the selection of raw materials to ensure an excellent and entirely Italian final product. Giurgola and Kloris: two distinct faces that characterize a single company that, thanks to research and creativity, offers innovative and functional products.

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